47 CFR § 3.76 - Licensee's liability for payment.

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§ 3.76 Licensee's liability for payment.

The U.S. ship station licensee bears ultimate responsibility for final payment of its accounts. This responsibility cannot be superseded by the contractual agreement between the ship station licensee and the accounting authority. In the event that an accounting authority does not remit proper and timely payments on behalf of the ship station licensee:

(a) The ship station licensee will make arrangements for another accounting authority to perform future settlements, and

(b) The ship station licensee will settle any outstanding accounts due to foreign entities.

(c) The Commission will, upon request, take all possible steps, within the limits of applicable national law, to ensure settlement of the accounts of the ship station licensee. As circumstances warrant, this may include issuing warnings to ship station licensees when it becomes apparent that an accounting authority is failing to settle accounts. See also §§ 3.70 through 3.74.