47 CFR § 32.7300 - Nonoperating income and expense.

§ 32.7300 Nonoperating income and expense.

This account shall be used to record the results of transactions, events and circumstances affecting the company during a period and which are not operational in nature. This account shall include such items as nonoperating taxes, dividend income and interest income. Whenever practicable, the inflows and outflows associated with a transaction or event shall be matched and the result shown as a net gain or loss. This account shall include the following:

(a) Dividends on investments in common and preferred stock, which is the property of the company, whether such stock is owned by the company and held in its treasury, or deposited in trust including sinking or other funds, or otherwise controlled.

(b) Dividends received and receivable from affiliated companies accounted for on the equity method shall be included in Account 1410, Other noncurrent assets, as a reduction of the carrying value of the investments.

(c) Interest on securities, including notes and other evidences of indebtedness, which are the property of the company, whether such securities are owned by the company and held in its treasury, or deposited in trust including sinking or other funds, or otherwise controlled. It shall also include interest on cash bank balances, certificates of deposits, open accounts, and other analogous items.

(d) For each month the applicable amount requisite to extinguish, during the interval between the date of acquisition and date of maturity, the difference between the purchase price and the par value of securities owned or held in sinking or other funds, the income from which is includable in this account. Amounts thus credited or charged shall be concurrently included in the accounts in which the securities are carried.

(e) Amounts charged to the telecommunications plant under construction account related to allowance for funds used during construction. (See § 32.2000(c)(2)(x).)

(f) Gains or losses resulting from:

(1) The disposition of land or artworks;

(2) The disposition of plant with traffic;

(3) The disposition of nonoperating telecommunications plant not previously used in the provision of telecommunications services.

(g) All other items of income and gains or losses from activities not specifically provided for elsewhere, including representative items such as:

(1) Fees collected in connection with the exchange of coupon bonds for registered bonds;

(2) Gains or losses realized on the sale of temporary cash investments or marketable equity securities;

(3) Net unrealized losses on investments in current marketable equity securities;

(4) Write-downs or write-offs of the book costs of investment in equity securities due to permanent impairment;

(5) Gains or losses of nonoperating nature arising from foreign currency exchange or translation;

(6) Gains or losses from the extinguishment of debt made to satisfy sinking fund requirements;

(7) Amortization of goodwill;

(8) Company's share of the earnings or losses of affiliated companies accounted for on the equity method; and

(9) The net balance of the revenue from and the expenses (including depreciation, amortization and insurance) of property, plant, and equipment, the cost of which is includable in Account 2006, Nonoperating plant.

(h) Costs that are typically given special regulatory scrutiny for ratemaking purposes. Unless specific justification to the contrary is given, such costs are presumed to be excluded from the costs of service in setting rates.

(1) Lobbying includes expenditures for the purpose of influencing public opinion with respect to the election or appointment of public officials, referenda, legislation, or ordinances (either with respect to the possible adoption of new referenda, legislation or ordinances, or repeal or modification of existing referenda, legislation or ordinances) or approval, modification, or revocation of franchises, or for the purpose of influencing the decisions of public officials. This also includes advertising, gifts, honoraria, and political contributions. This does not include such expenditures which are directly related to communications with and appearances before regulatory or other governmental bodies in connection with the reporting utility's existing or proposed operations;

(2) Contributions for charitable, social or community welfare purposes;

(3) Membership fees and dues in social, service and recreational or athletic clubs and organizations;

(4) Penalties and fines paid on account of violations of statutes. This account shall also include penalties and fines paid on account of violations of U.S. antitrust statutes, including judgements and payments in settlement of civil and criminal suits alleging such violations; and

(5) Abandoned construction projects.

(i) Cash discounts on bills for material purchased shall not be included in this account.

[67 FR 5698, Feb. 6, 2002]

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