47 CFR § 36.151 - General.

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§ 36.151 General.

(a) Cable and Wire Facilities, Account 2410, includes the following types of communications plant in service: Poles and antenna supporting structures, aerial cable, underground cable, buried cable, submarine cable, deep sea cable, intrabuilding network cable, aerial wire and conduit systems.

(b) For separations purposes, it is necessary to analyze the cable and wire facilities classified in subordinate records in order to determine their assignment to the categories listed in the following paragraphs.

(c) In the separation of the cost of cable and wire facilities among the operations, the first step is the assignment of the facilities to certain categories. The basic method of making this assignment is the identification of the facilities assignable to each category and the determination of the cost of the facilities so identified. Because of variations among companies in the character of the facilities and operating conditions, and in the accounting and engineering records maintained, the detailed methods followed, of necessity, will vary among the companies. The general principles to be followed, however, will be the same for all companies.

(d) The second step is the apportionment of the cost of the facilities in each category among the operations through the application of appropriate factors or by direct assignment.