47 CFR § 54.1018 - Annual reports.

§ 54.1018 Annual reports.

(a) A 5G Fund support recipient authorized to receive 5G Fund support shall submit an annual report to the Administrator no later than July 1 of each year after the year in which it was authorized to receive support. Each support recipient shall certify in its annual report that it is in compliance with the public interest obligations, performance requirements, and all of the terms and conditions associated with the receipt of 5G Fund support in order to continue receiving 5G Fund support disbursements.

(b) All 5G Fund support recipients shall supplement the information provided in an annual report to the Administrator within 10 business days from the onset of any reduction in the percentage of the total eligible square kilometers being served in a state after the filing of an annual certification report or in the event of any failure to comply with any of the 5G Fund requirements.

(c) The party submitting the annual report must certify that it has been authorized to do so by the 5G Fund support recipient.

(d) Each annual report shall be submitted solely via the Administrator's online portal.

(1) The Commission and the Administrator shall treat infrastructure data submitted as part of such a report as presumptively confidential.

(2) The Administrator shall make such reports available to the Commission and to the relevant state, territory, and Tribal governmental entities, as applicable.

(e) A 5G Fund support recipient shall have a continuing obligation to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in its annual reports. Any substantial change in the accuracy or completeness of any annual report must be reported as an update to the submitted annual report within ten (10) business days after the reportable event occurs.

(f) The Commission shall retain the authority to look behind 5G Fund support recipients' annual reports and to take action to address any violations.

Effective Date Note:
At 85 FR 75822, Nov. 25, 2020, § 54.1018 was revised, however, paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) have a delayed effective date.