47 CFR 61.152 - Terms of applications and grants.

Effective Date Note:
At 76 FR 43215, July 20, 2011, subpart G consisting of §§ 61.131 to 61.136 was redesignated as subpart H. The existing subpart H consisting of §§ 61.151 through 61.153 was removed. For the convenience of the user, the removed subpart H is set forth as follows:
Subpart H—Applications for Special Permission
§ 61.152 Terms of applications and grants.
Applications for special permission must contain:
(a) A detailed description of the tariff publication proposed to be put into effect;
(b) A statement citing the specific rules and the grounds on which waiver is sought;
(c) A showing of good cause; and
(d) A statement as to the date and method of filing the original of the application for special permission as required by § 61.153(b) and the date and method of filing the copies required by § 61.153 (a) and (c).
If approved, the carrier must comply with all terms and use all authority specified in the grant. If a carrier elects to use less than the authority granted, it must apply to the Commission for modification of the original grant. If a carrier elects not to use the authority granted within sixty days of its effective date, the original grant will be automatically cancelled by the Commission.
[55 FR 19173, May 8, 1990]
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