47 CFR 61.153 - Method of filing applications.

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Effective Date Note:
At 76 FR 43215, July 20, 2011, subpart G consisting of §§ 61.131 to 61.136 was redesignated as subpart H. The existing subpart H consisting of §§ 61.151 through 61.153 was removed. For the convenience of the user, the removed subpart H is set forth as follows:
Subpart H—Applications for Special Permission
§ 61.153 Method of filing applications.
(a) An application for special permission must be addressed to “Secretary, Federal Communication Commission, Washington, DC 20554.” The date on which the application is received by the Secretary of the Commission (or the Mail Room where submitted by mail) is considered the official filing date.
(b) In addition, except for issuing carriers filing tariffing fees electronically, for all special permission applications requiring fees as set forth in part 1, subpart G of this chapter, the issuing carrier must submit the original of the application letter (without attachments), FCC Form 159, and the appropriate fee to the U.S. Bank, St. Louis, Missouri at the address set forth in § 1.1105 of this chapter. Issuing carriers submitting tariffing fees electronically should submit the Form 159 and the original cover letter to the Secretary of the Commission in lieu of the U.S. Bank. The Form 159 should display the Electronic Audit Code in the box in the upper left hand corner marked “reserved.” Issuing carriers should submit these fee materials on the same date as the submission in paragraph (a) of this section.
(c) In addition to the requirements set forth in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, the issuing carrier must send a copy of the application letter with all attachments to the Secretary, Federal Communications Commission and a separate copy with all attachments to the Chief, Pricing Policy Division. If a carrier applies for special permission to revise joint tariffs, the application must state that it is filed on behalf of all carriers participating in the affected service. Applications must be numbered consecutively in a series separate from FCC tariff numbers, bear the signature of the officer or agent of the carrier, and be in the following format:
Application No.
Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554.
Attention: Wireline Competition Bureau (here provide the statements required by Sec. 61.152).
(Exact name of carrier)
(Name of officer or agent)
(Title of officer or agent)
[55 FR 19173, May 8, 1990, as amended at 64 FR 46592, 46593, Aug. 26, 1999; 67 FR 13228, Mar. 21, 2002; 73 FR 9031, Feb. 19, 2008]
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