47 CFR 61.17 - Applications for special permission.

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§ 61.17 Applications for special permission.

(a) All issuing carriers that file applications for special permission, associated documents, such as transmittal letters, requests for special permission, and supporting information, shall file those documents electronically.

(b) Applications for special permission must contain:

(1) A detailed description of the tariff publication proposed to be put into effect;

(2) A statement citing the specific rules and the grounds on which waiver is sought;

(3) A showing of good cause; and

(4) The appropriate Illustrative tariff pages the issuing carrier wishes to either revise or add as new pages to its tariff.

(c) An application for special permission must be addressed to “Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554.” The Electronic Tariff Filing System will accept filings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The official filing date of a publication received by the Electronic Tariff Filing System will be determined by the date and time the transmission ends. If the transmission ends after the close of a business day, as that term is defined in § 1.4(e)(2) of this chapter, the filing will be date and time stamped as of the opening of the next business day.

(d) In addition, for special permission applications requiring fees as set forth in part 1, subpart G of this chapter, carriers shall submit the appropriate fee and associated payment form electronically through the process set forth in § 1.1105 of this chapter and, if practicable, the application and associated documents electronically in accordance with the procedures set forth on the Commission's website, www.fcc.gov/licensing-databases/fees. Applications which must be filed in hard copy format should be submitted according to the procedures set forth on the web page of the FCC's Office of the Secretary, https://www.fcc.gov/secretary.

(e) In addition, if an issuing carrier applies for special permission to revise joint tariffs, the application must state that it is filed on behalf of all carriers participating in the affected service. Applications must be numbered consecutively in a series separate from FCC tariff numbers and Letters of Transmittal, bear the signature of the officer or agent of the carrier, and be in the following format:

Application No.

Secretary, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC 20554.

Attention: Wireline Competition Bureau (here provide the statements required by section 61.17(b)).
(Exact name of carrier)
(Name of officer or agent)
(Title of officer or agent)

(f) If approved, the issuing carrier must comply with all terms and use all authority specified in the grant. If a carrier elects to use less than the authority granted, it must apply to the Commission for modification of the original grant. If a carrier elects not to use the authority granted within sixty days of its effective date, the original grant will be automatically cancelled by the Commission.

[ 76 FR 43211, July 20, 2011, as amended at 83 FR 2557, Jan. 18, 2018]