47 CFR 61.21 - Cover letters.

§ 61.21 Cover letters.
(1) Except as specified in § 61.32(b), all publications filed with the Commission must be accompanied by a cover letter, 8.5 by 11 inches (21.6 cm × 27.9 cm) in size, and must be plainly printed in black ink. All transmittal letters should briefly explain the nature and purpose of the filing and indicate the date and method of filing of the original cover letter, as required by § 61.20(b)(1) of this part.
(2) International carriers must certify that they are authorized under Section 214 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, to provide service, and reference the FCC file number of that authorization.
(3) All cover letters and letters of transmittal shall include the FCC Registration Number (FRN) of the issuing carrier(s) on whose behalf the letter is submitted. See part 1, subpart W of this chapter.
(b) A separate cover letter may accompany each publication, or an issuing carrier may file as many publications as desired with one cover letter.
If a receipt for accompanying publication is desired, the cover letter must be sent in duplicate. One copy showing the date of the receipt by the Commission will then be returned to the sender.
[58 FR 44460, Aug. 23, 1993, as amended at 61 FR 15726, Apr. 9, 1996. Redesignated at 61 FR 59366, Nov. 22, 1996, and further redesignated and amended at 64 FR 46587, Aug. 26, 1999; 66 FR 47896, Sept. 14, 2001]
Effective Date Note:
At 76 FR 43211, July 20, 2011, § 61.21 was removed. This section contains information collection and recordkeeping requirements and will not become effective until approval has been given by the Office of Management and Budget.
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