47 CFR § 63.21 - Conditions applicable to all international Section 214 authorizations.

§ 63.21 Conditions applicable to all international Section 214 authorizations.

International carriers authorized under Section 214 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, must follow the following requirements and prohibitions:

(a) Each carrier is responsible for the continuing accuracy of the certifications made in its application. Whenever the substance of any such certification is no longer accurate, the carrier shall as promptly as possible and, in any event, within thirty (30) days, file with the Commission a corrected certification referencing the FCC file number under which the original certification was provided. The information may be used by the Commission to determine whether a change in regulatory status may be warranted under § 63.10. See also § 63.11.

(b) Carriers must file copies of operating agreements entered into with their foreign correspondents as specified in § 43.51 of this chapter and shall otherwise comply with the filing requirements contained in that section.

(c) Carriers regulated as dominant for the provision of a particular international communications service on a particular route for any reason other than a foreign carrier affiliation under § 63.10 shall file tariffs pursuant to Section 203 of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. 203, and part 61 of this chapter. Except as specified in § 20.15(d) of this chapter with respect to commercial mobile radio service providers, carriers regulated as non-dominant, as defined in § 61.3 of this chapter, and providing detariffed international services pursuant to § 61.19 of this chapter must comply with all applicable public disclosure and maintenance of information requirements in §§ 42.10 and 42.11 of this chapter.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Authorized carriers may not access or make use of specific U.S. customer proprietary network information that is derived from a foreign network unless the carrier obtains approval from that U.S. customer. In seeking to obtain approval, the carrier must notify the U.S. customer that the customer may require the carrier to disclose the information to unaffiliated third parties upon written request by the customer.

(f) Authorized carriers may not receive from a foreign carrier any proprietary or confidential information pertaining to a competing U.S. carrier, obtained by the foreign carrier in the course of its normal business dealings, unless the competing U.S. carrier provides its permission in writing.

(g) The Commission reserves the right to review a carrier's authorization, and, if warranted, impose additional requirements on U.S. international carriers in circumstances where it appears that harm to competition is occurring on one or more U.S. international routes.

(h) Subject to the requirement of § 63.10 that a carrier regulated as dominant along a route must provide service as an entity that is separate from its foreign carrier affiliate, and subject to any other structural-separation requirement in Commission regulations, an authorized carrier may provide service through any wholly owned direct or indirect subsidiaries. The carrier must, within thirty (30) days after the subsidiary begins providing service, file with the Commission a notification referencing the authorized carrier's name and the FCC file numbers under which the carrier's authorizations were granted and identifying the subsidiary's name and place of legal organization. This provision shall not be construed to authorize the provision of service by any entity barred by statute or regulation from itself holding an authorization or providing service.

(i) An authorized carrier, or a subsidiary operating pursuant to paragraph (h) of this section, that changes its name (including the name under which it is doing business) must notify the Commission within thirty (30) days of the name change. Such notification shall reference the FCC file numbers under which the carrier's authorizations were granted.

(j) Subject to the availability of electronic forms, all notifications and other filings described in this section must be filed electronically through the International Communications Filing System (ICFS). A list of forms that are available for electronic filing can be found on the ICFS homepage. For information on electronic filing requirements, see §§ 1.1000 through 1.10018 of this chapter and the ICFS homepage at https://www.fcc.gov/icfs. See also §§ 63.20 and 63.53.

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