47 CFR § 63.25 - Special provisions relating to temporary or emergency service by international carriers.

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§ 63.25 Special provisions relating to temporary or emergency service by international carriers.

(a) For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply:

(1) Temporary service shall mean service for a period not exceeding 6 months;

(2) Emergency service shall mean service for which there is an immediate need occasioned by conditions unforeseen by, and beyond the control of, the carrier.

(b) Applicants seeking immediate authorization to provide temporary service or emergency service must file their request with the Commission. Requests must set forth why such immediate authority is required; the nature of the emergency; the type of facilities proposed to be used; the route kilometers thereof; the terminal communities to be served, and airline kilometers between such communities; how these points are currently being served by the applicant or other carriers; the need for the proposed service; the cost involved, including any rentals, the date on which the service is to begin, and where known, the date or approximate date on which the service to is terminate.

(c) Without regard to the other requirements of this part, and by application setting forth the need therefore, any carrier may request continuing authority, subject to termination by the Commission at any time upon ten (10) days' notice to the carrier, to provide temporary or emergency service by the construction or installation of facilities where the estimated construction, installation, and acquisition costs do not exceed $35,000 or an annual rental of not more than $7,000 provided that such project does not involve a major action under the Commission's environmental rules. (See subpart I of part 1 of this chapter.) Any carrier to which continuing authority has been granted under this paragraph shall, not later than the 30th day following the end of each 6-month period covered by such authority, file with the Commission a statement making reference to this paragraph and setting forth, with respect to each project (construction, installation, lease, including any renewals thereof), which was commenced or, in the case of leases, entered into under such authority, and renewal or renewals thereof which were in continuous effect for a period of more than one week, the following information:

(1) The type of facility constructed, installed, or leased;

(2) The route kilometers thereof (excluding leased facilities);

(3) The terminal communities served and the airline kilometers between terminal communities in the proposed project;

(4) The cost thereof, including construction, installation, or lease;

(5) Where appropriate, the name of the lessor company, and the dates of commencement and termination of the lease.


(1) A request may be made by any carrier for continuing authority to lease and operate, during any emergency when its regular facilities become inoperative or inadequate to handle its traffic, facilities or any other carrier between points between which applicant is authorized to communicate by radio for the transmission of traffic which applicant is authorized to handle.

(2) Such request shall make reference to this paragraph and set forth the points between which applicant desires to operate facilities of other carriers and the nature of the traffic to be handled.

(3) Continuing authority for the operation thereafter of such alternate facilities during emergencies shall be deemed granted effective as of the 21st day following the filing of the request unless on or before that date the Commission shall notify the applicant to the contrary: provided, however, Applicant shall, not later than the 30th day following the end of each quarter in which it has operated facilities of any other carrier pursuant to authority granted under this paragraph, file with the Commission a statement in writing making reference to this paragraph and describing each occasion during the quarter when it has operated such facilities, giving dates, points between which such facilities were located, hours or minutes used, nature of traffic handled, and reasons why its own facilities could not be used.

(e) Subject to the availability of electronic forms, all applications and notifications described in this section must be filed electronically through the International Communications Filing System (ICFS). A list of forms that are available for electronic filing can be found on the ICFS homepage. For information on electronic filing requirements, see §§ 1.1000 through 1.10018 of this chapter and the ICFS homepage at https://www.fcc.gov/icfs. See also §§ 63.20 and 63.53.

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