47 CFR 64.607 - Furnishing related customer premises equipment.

§ 64.607 Furnishing related customer premises equipment.

(a) Any communications common carrier may provide, under tariff, customer premises equipment (other than hearing aid compatible telephones as defined in part 68 of this chapter, needed by persons with hearing, speech, vision or mobility disabilities. Such equipment may be provided to persons with those disabilities or to associations or institutions who require such equipment regularly to communicate with persons with disabilities. Examples of such equipment include, but are not limited to, artificial larynxes, bone conductor receivers and TTs.

(b) Any carrier which provides telecommunications devices for persons with hearing and/or speech disabilities, whether or not pursuant to tariff, shall respond to any inquiry concerning:

(1) The availability (including general price levels) of TTs using ASCII, Baudot, or both formats; and

(2) The compatibility of any TT with other such devices and computers.

[ 56 FR 36731, Aug. 1, 1991, as amended at 72 FR 43560, Aug. 6, 2007; 73 FR 21252, Apr. 21, 2008. Redesignated at 73 FR 21259, Apr. 21, 2008]
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