47 CFR § 73.1515 - Special field test authorizations.

§ 73.1515 Special field test authorizations.

(a) A special field test authorization may be issued to conduct field strength surveys to aid in the selection of suitable sites for broadcast transmission facilities, determine coverage areas, or to study other factors influencing broadcast signal propagation. The applicant for the authorization must be qualified to hold a license under section 303(1)(l) of the Communications Act.

(b) Requests for authorizations to operate a transmitter under a Special field test authorization must be in writing using an informal application in letter form, signed by the applicant and including the following information:

(1) Purpose, duration and need for the survey.

(2) Frequency, transmitter output powers and time of operation.

(3) A brief description of the test antenna system, its estimated effective radiated field and height above ground or average terrain, and the geographic coordinates of its proposed location(s).

(c) Operation under a special field test authorization is subject to the following conditions:

(1) No objectionable interference will result to the operation of other authorized radio services; in this connection, the power requested shall not exceed that necessary for the purposes of the test.

(2) The carriers will be unmodulated except for the transmission of a test-pattern on a visual TV transmitter, and for hourly voice station identification on aural AM, FM and TV transmitters.

(3) The transmitter output power or antenna input power may not exceed those specified in the test authorization and the operating power must be maintained at a constant value for each phase of the tests.

(4) The input power to the final amplifier stage, and the AM antenna current or the FM or TV transmitter output power must be observed and recorded at half hour intervals and at any time that the power is adjusted or changed. Copies of these records must be submitted to the FCC with the required report.

(5) The test equipment may not be permanently installed, unless such installation has been separately authorized. Mobile units are not deemed permanent installations.

(6) Test transmitters must be operated by or under the immediate direction of an operator holding a commercial radio operator license (any class, unless otherwise endorsed).

(7) A report, containing the measurements, their analysis and other results of the survey shall be filed with the FCC in Washington, DC within sixty (60) days following the termination of the test authorization.

(8) The test transmission equipment, installation and operation thereof need not comply with the requirements of FCC rules and standards except as specified in this section if the equipment, installation and operation are consistent with good engineering principles and practices.

(d) A special field test authorization may be modified or terminated by notification from the FCC if in its judgment such action will promote the public interest, convenience and necessity.

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