47 CFR § 73.158 - Directional antenna monitoring points.

§ 73.158 Directional antenna monitoring points.

(a) When a licensee of a station using a directional antenna system finds that a field monitoring point, as specified on the station authorization, is no longer accessible or is unsuitable because of nearby construction or other disturbances to the measured field, an application to change the monitoring point location, including FCC Form 302-AM, is to be promptly submitted to the FCC in Washington, DC.

(1) If the monitoring point has become inaccessible or otherwise unsuitable, but there has been no significant construction or other change in the vicinity of the monitoring point which may affect field strength readings, the licensee shall select a new monitoring point from the points measured in the last full proof of performance. A recent field strength measurement at the new monitoring point shall also be provided.

(2) Alternatively, if changes in the electromagnetic environment have affected field strength readings at the monitoring point, the licensee shall submit the results of a partial proof of performance, analyzed in accordance with § 73.154, on the affected radial.

(3) The licensee shall submit an accurate, written description of the new monitoring point in relation to nearby permanent landmarks.

(4) The licensee shall submit a photograph showing the new monitoring point in relation to nearby permanent landmarks that can be used in locating the point accurately at all times throughout the year. Do not use seasonal or temporary features in either the written descriptions or photographs as landmarks for locating field points.

(b) When the description of the monitoring point as shown on the station license is no longer correct due to road or building construction or other changes, the licensee must prepare and file with the FCC, in Washington, DC, a request for a corrected station license showing the new monitoring point description. The request shall include the information specified in paragraphs (a)(3) and (4) of this section, and a copy of the station's current license.

[66 FR 20757, Apr. 25, 2001, as amended at 84 FR 2758, Feb. 8, 2019]