47 CFR § 73.1725 - Limited time.

§ 73.1725 Limited time.

(a) Operation is applicable only to Class B (secondary) AM stations on a clear channel with facilities authorized before November 30, 1959. Operation of the secondary station is permitted during daytime and until local sunset if located west of the Class A station on the channel, or until local sunset at the Class A station if located east of that station. Operation is also permitted during nighttime hours not used by the Class A station or other stations on the channel.

(b) No authorization will be granted for:

(1) A new limited time station;

(2) A limited time station operating on a changed frequency;

(3) A limited time station with a new transmitter site materially closer to the 0.1 mV/m contour of a co-channel U.S. Class A station; or

(4) Modification of the operating facilities of a limited time station resulting in increased radiation toward any point on the 0.1 mV/m contour of a co-channel U.S. Class A station during the hours after local sunset in which the limited time station is permitted to operate by reason of location east of the Class A station.

(c) The licensee of a secondary station which is authorized to operate limited time and which may resume operation at the time the Class A station (or stations) on the same channel ceases operation shall, with each application for renewal of license, file in triplicate a copy of its regular operating schedule. It shall bear a signed notation by the licensee of the Class A station of its objection or lack of objection thereto. Upon approval of such operating schedule, the FCC will affix its file mark and return one copy to the licensee authorized to operate limited time. Such approved operating schedule shall be considered part of the station's license. Departure from said operating schedule will be permitted only pursuant to § 73.1715 (Share time).

[56 FR 64872, Dec. 12, 1991, as amended at 84 FR 2758, Feb. 8, 2019]