47 CFR § 73.1800 - General requirements related to the station log.

§ 73.1800 General requirements related to the station log.

(a) The licensee of each station must maintain a station log as required by § 73.1820. This log shall be kept by station employees competent to do so, having actual knowledge of the facts required. All entries, whether required or not by the provisions of this part, must accurately reflect the station operation. Any employee making a log entry shall sign the log, thereby attesting to the fact that the entry, or any correction or addition made thereto, is an accurate representation of what transpired.

(b) The logs shall be kept in an orderly and legible manner, in suitable form and in such detail that the data required for the particular class of station concerned are readily available. Key letters or abbreviations may be used if the proper meaning or explanation is contained elsewhere in the log. Each sheet must be numbered and dated. Time entries must be made in local time and must be indicated as advanced (e.g., EDT) or non-advanced (e.g., EST) time.

(c) Any necessary corrections of a manually kept log after it has been signed in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section shall be made only by striking out the erroneous portion and making a corrective explanation on the log or attachment to it. Such corrections shall be dated and signed by the person who kept the log or the station chief operator, the station manager or an officer of the licensee.

(d) No automatically kept log shall be altered in any way after entries have been recorded. When automatic logging processes fail or malfunction, the log must be kept manually for that period and in accordance with the requirements of this section.

(e) No log, or portion thereof, shall be erased, obliterated or willfully destroyed during the period in which it is required to be retained. (Section 73.1840, Retention of logs.)

(f) Application forms for licenses and other authorizations may require that certain technical operating data be supplied. These application forms should be kept in mind in connection with the maintenance of the station log.

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