47 CFR § 73.1943 - Political file.

§ 73.1943 Political file.

(a) Every licensee shall keep and permit public inspection of a complete and orderly record (political file) of all requests for broadcast time made by or on behalf of a candidate for public office, together with an appropriate notation showing the disposition made by the licensee of such requests, and the charges made, if any, if the request is granted. The “disposition” includes the schedule of time purchased, when spots actually aired, the rates charged, and the classes of time purchased.

(b) When free time is provided for use by or on behalf of candidates, a record of the free time provided shall be placed in the political file.

(c) All records required by this paragraph shall be placed in the political file as soon as possible and shall be retained for a period of two years. As soon as possible means immediately absent unusual circumstances.

(d) Location of the file. A licensee or applicant must post all of the contents added to its political file after the effective date of this paragraph in the political file component of its online public file hosted by the Commission. A station must retain in its political file maintained at the station, at the location specified in § 73.3526(b) or § 73.3527(b), all material required to be included in the political file and added to the file prior to the effective date of this paragraph, unless the station elects voluntarily to place these materials in the Commission's online public file. The online political file must be updated in the same manner as paragraph (c) of this section.

[57 FR 210, Jan. 3, 1992, as amended at 77 FR 27655, May 11, 2012; 81 FR 10123, Feb. 29, 2016]