47 CFR § 73.23 - AM broadcast station applications affected by international agreements.

§ 73.23 AM broadcast station applications affected by international agreements.

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no application for an AM station will be accepted for filing if authorization of the facilities requested would be inconsistent with international commitments of the United States under treaties and other international agreements, arrangements and understandings. (See list of such international instruments in § 73.1650(b)). Any such application that is inadvertently accepted for filing will be dismissed.

(b) AM applications that involve conflicts only with the North American Regional Broadcasting Agreement (NARBA), but that are in conformity with the remaining treaties and other international agreements listed in § 73.1650(b) and with the other requirements of this part 73, will be granted subject to such modifications as the FCC may subsequently find appropriate, taking international considerations into account.

(c) In the case of any application designated for hearing on issues other than those related to consistency with international relationships and as to which no final decision has been rendered, whenever action under this section becomes appropriate because of inconsistency with international relationships, the applicant involved shall, notwithstanding the provisions §§ 73.3522 and 73.3571, be permitted to amend its application to achieve consistency with such relationships. In such cases the provisions of § 73.3605(c) will apply.

(d) In some circumstances, special international considerations may require that the FCC, in acting on applications, follow procedures different from those established for general use. In such cases, affected applicants will be informed of the procedures to be followed.

[56 FR 64856, Dec. 12, 1991]