47 CFR § 73.297 - FM stereophonic sound broadcasting.

(a) An FM broadcast station may, without specific authority from the FCC, transmit stereophonic (biphonic, quadraphonic, etc.) sound programs upon installation of stereophonic sound transmitting equipment under the provisions of §§ 2.1001, 73.322, and 73.1590 of the Rules. Prior to commencement of stereophonic sound broadcasting, equipment performance measurements must be made to ensure that the transmitted signal complies with all applicable rules and standards.

(b) Each licensee or permittee engaging in multichannel broadcasting must measure the pilot subcarrier frequency as often as necessary to ensure that it is kept at all times within 2 Hz of the authorized frequency.

[48 FR 28454, June 22, 1983, and 48 FR 38479, Aug. 24, 1983]