47 CFR § 73.3516 - Specification of facilities.

§ 73.3516 Specification of facilities.

(a) An application for facilities in the AM, FM, TV or Class A TV broadcast services, or low power TV service shall be limited to one frequency, or channel, and no application will be accepted for filing if it requests an alternate frequency or channel. Applications specifying split frequency AM operations using one frequency during daytime hours complemented by a different frequency during nighttime hours will not be accepted for filing.

(b) An application for facilities in the experimental and auxiliary broadcast services may request the assignment of more than one frequency if consistent with applicable rules in Part 74. Such applications must specify the frequency or frequencies requested and may not request alternate frequencies.

(c) An application for a construction permit for a new broadcast station, the facilities for which are specified in an outstanding construction permit or license, will not be accepted for filing.

(d) An application for facilities in the International broadcast service may be filed without a request for specific frequency, as the FCC will assign frequencies from time to time in accordance with §§ 73.702 and 73.711.

(e) A petition to deny an application for renewal of license of an existing broadcast station will be considered as timely filed if it is tendered for filing by the end of the first day of the last full calendar month of the expiring license term.

(1) If the license renewal application is not timely filed as prescribed in § 73.3539, the deadline for filing petitions to deny thereto is the 90th day after the FCC gives public notice that it has accepted the late-filed renewal application for filing.

(2) If any deadline falls on a nonbusiness day, the cutoff shall be the close of business of the first full business day thereafter.

(3) The dates when the licenses of all broadcast and broadcast auxiliary services regularly expire are listed in §§ 73.733, 73.1020 and 74.15.

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