47 CFR § 73.801 - Broadcast regulations applicable to LPFM stations.

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§ 73.801 Broadcast regulations applicable to LPFM stations.

The following rules are applicable to LPFM stations:

Section 73.201 Numerical definition of FM broadcast channels.
Section 73.220 Restrictions on use of channels.
Section 73.267 Determining operating power.
Section 73.277 Permissible transmissions.
Section 73.297 FM stereophonic sound broadcasting.
Section 73.310 FM technical definitions.
Section 73.312 Topographic data.
Section 73.318 FM blanketing interference.
Section 73.322 FM stereophonic sound transmission standards.
Section 73.333 Engineering charts.
Section 73.503 Licensing requirements and service.
Section 73.508 Standards of good engineering practice.
Section 73.593 Subsidiary communications services.
Section 73.1015 Truthful written statements and responses to Commission inquiries and correspondence.
Section 73.1030 Notifications concerning interference to radio astronomy, research and receiving installations.
Section 73.1201 Station identification.
Section 73.1206 Broadcast of telephone conversations.
Section 73.1207 Rebroadcasts.
Section 73.1208 Broadcast of taped, filmed, or recorded material.
Section 73.1210 TV/FM dual-language broadcasting in Puerto Rico.
Section 73.1211 Broadcast of lottery information.
Section 73.1212 Sponsorship identification; list retention; related requirements.
Section 73.1213 Antenna structure, marking and lighting.
Section 73.1216 Licensee-conducted contests.
Section 73.1217 Broadcast hoaxes.
Section 73.1250 Broadcasting emergency information.
Section 73.1300 Unattended station operation.
Section 73.1400 Transmission system monitoring and control.
Section 73.1520 Operation for tests and maintenance.
Section 73.1540 Carrier frequency measurements.
Section 73.1545 Carrier frequency departure tolerances.
Section 73.1570 Modulation levels: AM, FM, and TV aural.
Section 73.1580 Transmission system inspections.
Section 73.1610 Equipment tests.
Section 73.1620 Program tests.
Section 73.1650 International agreements.
Section 73.1660 Acceptability of broadcast transmitters.
Section 73.1665 Main transmitters.
Section 73.1692 Broadcast station construction near or installation on an AM broadcast tower.
Section 73.1745 Unauthorized operation.
Section 73.1750 Discontinuance of operation.
Section 73.1920 Personal attacks.
Section 73.1940 Legally qualified candidates for public office.
Section 73.1941 Equal opportunities.
Section 73.1943 Political file.
Section 73.1944 Reasonable access.
Section 73.3511 Applications required.
Section 73.3512 Where to file; number of copies.
Section 73.3513 Signing of applications.
Section 73.3514 Content of applications.
Section 73.3516 Specification of facilities.
Section 73.3517 Contingent applications.
Section 73.3518 Inconsistent or conflicting applications.
Section 73.3519 Repetitious applications.
Section 73.3520 Multiple applications.
Section 73.3525 Agreements for removing application conflicts.
Section 73.3539 Application for renewal of license.
Section 73.3542 Application for emergency authorization.
Section 73.3545 Application for permit to deliver programs to foreign stations.
Section 73.3550 Requests for new or modified call sign assignments.
Section 73.3561 Staff consideration of applications requiring Commission consideration.
Section 73.3562 Staff consideration of applications not requiring action by the Commission.
Section 73.3566 Defective applications.
Section 73.3568 Dismissal of applications.
Section 73.3580 Local public notice of filing of broadcast applications.
Section 73.3584 Procedure for filing petitions to deny.
Section 73.3587 Procedure for filing informal objections.
Section 73.3588 Dismissal of petitions to deny or withdrawal of informal objections.
Section 73.3589 Threats to file petitions to deny or informal objections.
Section 73.3591 Grants without hearing.
Section 73.3593 Designation for hearing.
Section 73.3598 Period of construction.
Section 73.3599 Forfeiture of construction permit.
Section 73.3999 Enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 1464 - restrictions on the transmission of obscene and indecent material.
[65 FR 7640, Feb. 15, 2000, as amended at 84 FR 2758, Feb. 8, 2019; 85 FR 36794, June 18, 2020]