47 CFR § 73.816 - Antennas.

§ 73.816 Antennas.

(a) Permittees and licensees may employ nondirectional antennas with horizontal only polarization, vertical only polarization, circular polarization or elliptical polarization.

(b) Permittees and licensees may employ directional antennas in the LPFM service, in accordance with paragraph (d) of this section.

(c) [Reserved]


(1) Composite antennas and antenna arrays may be used where the total ERP does not exceed the maximum determined in accordance with § 73.811(a).

(2) Either horizontal, vertical, circular, or elliptical polarization may be used provided that the supplemental vertically polarized ERP required for circular or elliptical polarization does not exceed the ERP otherwise authorized. Either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation may be used. Separate transmitting antennas are permitted if both horizontal and vertical polarization is to be provided.

(3) An application that specifies the use of a directional antenna must provide the information identified in § 73.316(c) except that such information shall not be required of:

(i) Public safety and transportation permittees and licensees eligible pursuant to § 73.853(a)(2) using directional antennas in connection with operation of Travelers' Information Service stations;

(ii) LPFM permittees and licensees proposing a waiver of the second-adjacent channel spacing requirements of § 73.807 for the sole purpose of justifying such a waiver; and

(iii) LPFM permittees and licensees using directional antennas solely for the purpose of meeting the international border zone distance requirements of § 73.807(g).

[65 FR 67303, Nov. 9, 2000, as amended at 78 FR 2106, Jan. 9, 2013; 85 FR 35573, June 11, 2020]