47 CFR § 74.763 - Time of operation.

§ 74.763 Time of operation.

(a) A low power TV or TV translator station is not required to adhere to any regular schedule of operation. However, the licensee of a TV translator station is expected to provide service to the extent that such is within its control and to avoid unwarranted interruptions in the service provided.

(b) In the event that causes beyond the control of the low power TV or TV translator station licensee make it impossible to continue operating, the licensee may discontinue operation for a period of not more than 30 days without further authority from the FCC. Notification must be sent to the FCC via a Suspension of Operations Notice filing in LMS, not later than the 10th day of discontinued operation. During such period, the licensee shall continue to adhere to the requirements in the station license pertaining to the lighting of antenna structures. In the event normal operation is restored prior to the expiration of the 30 day period, the FCC shall be notified via a Resumption of Operations Notice filing in LMS of the date normal operations resumed. If causes beyond the control of the licensee make it impossible to comply within the allowed period, a request for Special Temporary Authority (see § 73.1635 of this chapter) shall be made to the FCC no later than the 30th day for such additional time as may be deemed necessary via LMS.

(c) Failure of a low power TV or TV translator station to operate for a period of 30 days or more, except for causes beyond the control of the licensee, shall be deemed evidence of discontinuation of operation and the license of the station may be cancelled at the discretion of the FCC. Furthermore, the station's license will expire as a matter of law, without regard to any causes beyond control of the licensee, if the station fails to transmit broadcast signals for any consecutive 12-month period, notwithstanding any provision, term, or condition of the license to the contrary.

(d) A television broadcast translator station shall not be permitted to radiate during extended periods when signals of the primary station are not being retransmitted.

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