47 CFR § 76.106 - Exceptions.

§ 76.106 Exceptions.

(a) Notwithstanding the requirements of §§ 76.101 through 76.105, a broadcast signal is not required to be deleted from a cable community unit when that cable community unit falls, in whole or in part, within that signal's grade B contour, or when the signal is significantly viewed pursuant to § 76.54 in the cable community.

(b) The provisions of §§ 76.101 through 76.105 shall not apply to a cable system serving fewer than 1,000 subscribers. Within 60 days following the provision of service to 1,000 subscribers, the operator of each such system shall file a notice to that effect with the Commission, and serve a copy of that notice on every television station that would be entitled to exercise syndicated exclusivity protection against it.