47 CFR § 76.1602 - Customer service—general information.

§ 76.1602 Customer service—general information.

(a) A cable franchise authority may enforce the customer service standards set forth in paragraph (b) of this section against cable operators. The franchise authority must provide affected cable operators 90 days written notice of its intent to enforce standards.

(b) The cable operator shall provide written information on each of the following areas at the time of installation of service, at least annually to all subscribers, and at any time upon request:

(1) Products and services offered;

(2) Prices and options for programming services and conditions of subscription to programming and other services;

(3) Installation and service maintenance policies;

(4) Instructions on how to use the cable service;

(5) Channel positions of programming carried on the system; and

(6) Billing and complaint procedures, including the address and telephone number of the local franchise authority's cable office.

(7) Effective May 1, 2011, any assessed fees for rental of navigation devices and single and additional CableCARDs; and,

(8) Effective May 1, 2011, if such provider includes equipment in the price of a bundled offer of one or more services, the fees reasonably allocable to:

(i) The rental of single and additional CableCARDs; and

(ii) The rental of operator-supplied navigation devices.

(c) Subscribers shall be advised of the procedures for resolution of complaints about the quality of the television signal delivered by the cable system operator, including the address of the responsible officer of the local franchising authority.

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