47 CFR § 76.985 - Subscriber bill itemization.

§ 76.985 Subscriber bill itemization.

(a) Cable operators may identify as a separate line item of each regular subscriber bill the following:

(1) The amount of the total bill assessed as a franchise fee and the identity of the franchising authority to which the fee is paid.

(2) The amount of the total bill assessed to satisfy any requirements imposed on the cable operator by the franchise agreement to support public, educational, or governmental channels or the use of such channels.

(3) The amount of any other fee, tax, assessment, or charge of any kind imposed by any governmental authority on the transaction between the operator and the subscriber. In order for a governmental fee or assessment to be separately identified under this section, it must be directly imposed by a governmental body on a transaction between a subscriber and an operator.

(b) The charge identified on the subscriber bill as the total charge for cable service should include all fees and costs itemized pursuant to this section.

(c) Local franchising authorities may adopt regulations consistent with this section.

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