47 CFR § 78.15 - Contents of applications.

§ 78.15 Contents of applications.

(a) Applications for authorization in the Cable Television Relay Service shall be submitted on FCC Form 327, and shall contain the information requested therein. Applications requiring fees as set forth at part 1, subpart G of this chapter must be filed in accordance with § 0.401(b) of the rules.

(b) An application for a CARS studio to headend link or LDS station license shall contain a statement that the applicant has investigated the possibility of using cable rather than microwave and the reasons why it was decided to use microwave rather than cable.


Each applicant filing pursuant to § 78.15 is responsible for the continuing accuracy and completeness of all information in such applications. The provisions of § 1.65 are wholly applicable to applications pursuant to § 78.15, as well as to amendments filed pursuant to § 78.17, and objections filed pursuant to § 78.22, except that where the specific provisins of §§ 78.15, 78.17, 78.22 conflict with the provisions of § 1.65, the specific provisions are controlling, e.g., where requirements for service on specified parties of certain information may vary.

(c) CARS applicants must follow the procedures prescribed in subpart 1 of part 1 of this chapter (§§ 1.1301 through 1.1319) regarding the filing of environmental assessments unless Commission action authorizing construction of a CARS station would be categorically excluded from the environmental processing requirements under § 1.1306 of this chapter.

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