47 CFR § 78.27 - License conditions.

§ 78.27 License conditions.

(a) Authorizations (including initial grants, modifications, assignments or transfers of control, and renewals) in the Cable Television Relay Service to serve cable television systems and other eligible systems, shall contain the condition that cable television systems shall operate in compliance with the provisions of part 76 (Cable Television Service) of this chapter and that other eligible systems shall operate in compliance with the provisions of part 21 and part 74 of this chapter.

(b) CARS stations licensed under this subpart are required to commence operation within one year of the date of the license grant.

(1) The licensee of a CARS station shall notify the Commission in writing when the station commences operation. Such notification shall be submitted on or before the last day of the authorized one year construction period; otherwise, the station license shall be automatically forfeited.

(2) CARS licensees needing additional time to complete construction of the station and commence operation shall request an extension of time 30 days before the expiration of the one year construction period. Exceptions to the 30-day advance filing requirement may be granted where unanticipated delays occur.

[50 FR 23421, June 4, 1985, as amended at 55 FR 46015, Oct. 31, 1990; 69 FR 57862, Sept. 28, 2004]