47 CFR § 78.35 - Assignment or transfer of control.

§ 78.35 Assignment or transfer of control.

(a) No assignment of the license of a cable television relay station or transfer of control of a CARS licensee shall occur without prior FCC authorization.

(b) If an assignment or transfer of control does not involve a substantial change of interests, the provisions of §§ 78.20(c) and 78.22, concerning public notice and objections, shall be waived.

(c) Licensees of CARS stations are not required to submit applications for assignment or transfer of control or otherwise notify the FCC in cases where the change in ownership does not affect the identity or controlling interest of the licensee.

(d) If an assignment or transfer of control involves a substantial change of interest, and requires prior FCC approval, the CARS licensee is required to file FCC Form 327 with the Commission.

(e) Licensees are required to notify the Commission of consummation of an approved transfer or assignment. The assignee or transferee is responsible for providing this notification, including the date the transaction was consummated. The transaction must be consummated and notification provided to the Commission within 60 days of public notice of approval, and notification of consummation must occur no later than 30 days after actual consummation, unless a request for an extension of time to consummate is filed.

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