47 CFR § 80.122 - Public coast stations using facsimile and data.

§ 80.122 Public coast stations using facsimile and data.

Facsimile operations are a form of telegraphy for the transmission and receipt of fixed images between authorized coast and ship stations. Facsimile and data techniques may be implemented in accordance with the following paragraphs.

(a) Supplemental Eligibility Requirements. Public coast stations are eligible to use facsimile and data techniques with ship stations.

(b) Assignment and use of frequencies.

(1) Frequencies in the 2000-27500 kHz bands in part 2 of this chapter as available for shared use by the maritime mobile service and other radio services are assignable to public coast stations for providing facsimile communications with ship stations. Additionally, frequencies in the 156-162 MHz and 216-220 MHz bands available for assignment to public coast stations for radiotelephone communications that are contained in subpart H of this part are also available for facsimile and data communications.

(2) Equipment used for facsimile and data operations is subject to the applicable provisions of subpart E of this part.

(3) The use of voice on frequencies authorized for facsimile operations in the bands 2000-27500 kHz listed in subpart H of this part is limited to setup and confirmation of receipt of facsimile transmissions.

[57 FR 43407, Sept. 21, 1992, as amended at 67 FR 48564, July 25, 2002]

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