47 CFR § 80.131 - Radioprinter operations.

Radioprinter operations provide a relatively low cost system of record communications between authorized coast and ship stations in accordance with the following paragraphs.

(a) Supplementary eligibility requirement. A radioprinter authorization for a private coast station may be issued to the owner or operator of a ship of less than 1600 gross tons, a community of ships all of which are less than 1600 gross tons, or an association whose members operate ships of less than 1600 gross tons.

(b) Scope of communications. Only those communications which concern the business and operational needs of vessels are authorized.

(c) Assignment and use of frequencies.

(1) Frequencies may be assigned to private coast stations for radioprinter use from the appropriate bands listed in subpart H of this part.

(2) Frequencies in the listed bands are shared with other radio services including the maritime mobile service. Each assigned frequency is available on a shared use basis only, not for the exclusive use of any one station or licensee.

(d) Coast station responsibilities.

(1) Private coast stations must propose frequencies and provide the names of ships to be served with the application.

(2) Private coast station licensees must provide copies of their license to all ships with which they are authorized to conduct radioprinter operations.

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