47 CFR § 80.99 - Radiotelegraph station identification.

§ 80.99 Radiotelegraph station identification.

This section applies to coast, ship and survival craft stations authorized to transmit in the band 405-525 kHz.

(a) The station transmitting radiotelegraph emissions must be identified by its call sign. The call sign must be transmitted with the telegraphy emission normally used by the station. The call sign must be transmitted at 20 minute intervals when transmission is sustained for more than 20 minutes. When a ship station is exchanging public correspondence communications, the identification may be deferred until completion of each communication with any other station.

(b) The requirements of this section do not apply to survival craft stations when transmitting distress signals automatically or when operating on 121.500 MHz for radiobeacon purposes.

(c) Emergency position indicating radiobeacon stations do not require identification.

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