47 CFR § 87.237 - Scope of service.

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§ 87.237 Scope of service.

(a) The communications of an aeronautical multicom station (multicom) must pertain to activities of a temporary, seasonal or emergency nature involving aircraft in flight. Communications are limited to directing or coordinating ground activities from the air or aerial activities from the ground. Air-to-air communications will be authorized if the communications are directly connected with the air-to-ground or ground-to-air activities described above. Multicom communications must not include those air/ground communications provided for elsewhere in this part.

(b) If there is not unicom and an applicant is unable to meet the requirements for a unicom license, the applicant will be eligible for a multicom license.

(1) The multicom license becomes invalid when a unicom is established at the landing area.

(2) Multicoms must not be used for ATC purposes other than the relay of ATC information between the pilot and air traffic controller. Relaying of ATC information is limited to the following:

(i) Revisions of proposed departure time;

(ii) Takeoff, arrival flight plan cancellation time;

(iii) ATC clearances, provided a letter of agreement is obtained from the FAA by the licensee of the multicom.

(3) Communications by a multicom must be limited to the safe and expeditious operation of private aircraft, pertaining to the conditions of runways, types of fuel available, wind conditions, weather information, dispatching or other information. On a secondary basis, multicoms may transmit communictions which pertain to efficient portal-to-portal transit of an aircraft such as requests for ground transportation, food or lodging.