47 CFR § 90.250 - Meteor burst communications.

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Meteor burst communications may be authorized for the use of private radio stations subject to the following provisions:

(a) Station operation is limited to the State of Alaska only.

(b) The frequency 44.20 MHz may be used for base station operation and 45.90 MHz for remote station operation on a primary basis. The frequencies 42.40 and 44.10 MHz may be used by base and remote stations, respectively, on a secondary basis to common carrier stations utilizing meteor burst communications. Users shall cooperate among themselves to the extent practicable to promote compatible operation.

(c) The maximum transmitter output power shall not exceed 2000 watts for base stations and 500 watts for remote stations.

(d) Co-channel base stations of different licensees shall be located at least 241 km (150 miles) apart. A remote station and a base station of different licensees shall be located at least 241 km (150 miles) apart if the remote units of the different licensees operate on the same frequency. Waiver of this requirement may be granted if affected users agree to a cooperative sharing arrangement.

(e) The authorized emission designator to be used in F1E, F7W, G1E or G7W to allow for Phase Shift Keying (PSK) or Frequency Shift Keying (FSK).

(f) The maximum authorized bandwidth is 20 kHz.

(g) Station identification in accordance with § 90.425(a) or (b) shall only be required for the base station.

(h) Stations may be required to comply with additional conditions of operation as necessary on a case-by-case basis as specified in the authorization.

(i) Stations employing meteor burst communications must not cause interference to other stations operating in accordance with the allocation table. New authorizations will be issued subject to the Commission's experimental licensing rules in part 5 of this chapter. Prior to expiration of the experimental authorization, application Form 601 should be filed for issuance of a permanent authorization.

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