47 CFR § 90.269 - Use of frequencies for self-powered vehicle detectors.

§ 90.269 Use of frequencies for self-powered vehicle detectors.

(a) Frequencies subject to § 90.20(d)(22) may be used for the operation of self-powered vehicle detectors by licensees of base/ mobile stations in the Public Safety Pool in accordance with the following conditions:

(1) All stations are limited to 100 milliwatts carrier power and 20K00F7W, 20K00F7X, 20K00F8W, 20K00F8X, 20K00F9W or 20K00F9X emissions. The frequency deviation shall not exceed 5 kHz. No more than two 30 ms. pulses may be emitted for each vehicle sensed.

(2) The transmitters must be crystal controlled with a frequency tolerance of plus or minus .005% from −20° to plus 50 °C. They must be certificated.

(3) The total length of the transmission line plus antenna may not exceed one-half wavelength and must be integral with the unit.

(4) All operation shall be on a secondary, non-interference basis.

(b) [Reserved]

[48 FR 54982, Dec. 8, 1983, as amended at 54 FR 38681, Sept. 20, 1989; 62 FR 18929, Apr. 17, 1997; 63 FR 36610, July 7, 1998]

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