47 CFR § 90.313 - Frequency loading criteria.

§ 90.313 Frequency loading criteria.

(a) Except as provided for in paragraph (b) of this section, the maximum channel loading on frequencies in the 470–512 MHz band is as follows:

(1) 50 units for systems eligible in the Public Safety Pool (see § 90.20(a)).

(2) 90 units for systems eligible in the Industrial/Business Pool (see § 90.35(a)).

(b) If a licensee has exclusive use of a frequency, then the loading standards in paragraph (a) of this section, may be exceeded. If it is a shared channel, the loading standards can be exceeded upon submission of a signed statement by all those sharing the channel agreeing to the increase.

(c) A unit is defined as a mobile transmitter-receiver. Loading standards will be applied in terms of the number of units actually in use or to be placed in use within 8 months following authorization. A licensee will be required to show that an assigned frequency pair is at full capacity before it may be assigned a second or additional frequency pair. Channel capacity may be reached either by the requirements of a single licensee or by several users sharing a channel. Until a channel is loaded to capacity it will be available for assignment to other users in the same area. A frequency pair may be reassigned at distances 64 km. (40 mi.), 32 km. (20 mi.) for Channel 15, Chicago; Channel 20, Philadelphia; and Channel 17, Washington, or more from the location of base stations authorized on that pair without reference to loading at the point of original installation. Following authorization, the licensee shall notify the Commission either during or at the close of the 8 month period of the number of units in operation. In the Industrial Radio Services, if the base station facility is to be used by more than a single licensee, the frequency assigned to it will not be reassigned for use by another facility within 64 km. (40 mi.) or 32 km. (20 mi.) where applicable for a period of 12 months, Provided, That the facility is constructed within 90 days from the date of the first grant, meets the loading standards to at least 50 percent within 9 months, and meets all loading standards within 12 months.

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