47 CFR § 90.537 - Trunking requirement.

§ 90.537 Trunking requirement.

(a) General use and State License channels. All fixed transmitter sites using six or more narrowband channels in the 769-775 MHz and 799-805 MHz frequency bands must be trunked, except for those described in paragraph (b) of this section. This paragraph does not apply to Vehicular Repeater Systems (MO3) authorized on the General Use and State License channels listed in § 90.531(b).

(b) Interoperability and low power channels. Trunking is permitted only on Interoperability channels specified in § 90.531(b)(1)(iii). Trunked use must be strictly on a secondary, non-interference basis to conventional operations. The licensee must monitor and immediately release these channels when they are needed for interoperability purposes. All systems using narrowband low power channels listed in § 90.531(b)(3) and (4) are exempt from the trunking requirements described in paragraph (a) of this section.

[79 FR 39340, July 10, 2014, as amended at 83 FR 30367, June 28, 2018]

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