47 CFR § 95.393 - Instructions and warnings.

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§ 95.393 Instructions and warnings.

(a) A user's instruction manual must be supplied with each transmitter that can be used in a Personal Radio Service.

(b) The manual described in paragraph (a) of this section must contain all information necessary for the proper installation and operation of the transmitter including:

(1) Instructions concerning all controls, adjustments and switches that may be operated or adjusted without resulting in a violation of FCC rules;

(2) Warnings concerning any adjustment that could result in a violation of FCC rules or that is recommended to be performed only by or under the immediate supervision and responsibility of a person certified as technically qualified to perform transmitter maintenance and repair duties in the relevant radio service by an organization or committee representative of users of that service;

(3) Warnings concerning the replacement of any transmitter component (crystal, semiconductor, etc.) that could result in a violation of FCC rules; and

(4) For a transmitter that can only be operated with an FCC license, warnings concerning compliance with applicable licensing requirements and information concerning license application procedures.