47 CFR § 95.733 - Prohibited RCRS use.

§ 95.733 Prohibited RCRS use.

The rules in this section restrict certain uses of RCRS transmitters.

(a) Simultaneous use of multiple channels. An RCRS station must not transmit simultaneously on more than one RCRS channel in the 72-76 MHz band when such operation would cause harmful interference to other RCRS operations.

(b) Data transmission. No person shall use a RCRS transmitter to transmit data. Tones or other types of signal encoding are not considered to be data for the purposes of this paragraph, when used only for the purpose of identifying the specific device among multiple devices that the operator intends to turn on/off or the specific sensor among multiple sensors intended to turn on/off an indicating device for the operator.

(c) Pay for operation prohibited. RCRS stations must not be used for commercial purposes. An RCRS operator must not accept direct or indirect payment for operating an RCRS transmitter. An RCRS operator may use an RCRS transmitter to help him or her provide a service and be paid for rendering that service, provided that the payment is only for the service and not for operation of the RCRS transmitter.

(d) Limited transmission. No person shall use an RCRS station to transmit any message other than for the operation of devices at remote locations. Accordingly, the transmission of other messages by an RCRS operator, such as voice, telegraphy, etc. is prohibited.