47 CFR § 95.935 - Unauthorized use of non-CBRS transmitters.

§ 95.935 Unauthorized use of non-CBRS transmitters.

The operator of a CBRS station must not use a non-CBRS transmitter to communicate with or attempt to communicate with stations in the CBRS.

(a) Non-CBRS transmitters. For the purposes of this section, “non-CBRS transmitters” are transmitters that are technically capable of operation in the 26-30 MHz frequency range, but are intended for use in the Amateur Radio Service (see part 97 of this chapter) or other government or non-government radio services, and are not certified for use in the CBRS.

(b) Unlicensed operation. The operation of non-CBRS transmitters on the CBRS channels is not authorized by § 95.305 of this part. Accordingly, the FCC considers any such operation to be a violation of section 301 of the Communications Act (47 U.S.C. 301).

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