48 CFR ยง 1252.242-71 - Contractor testimony.

1252.242-71 Contractor testimony.

As prescribed in (TAR) 48 CFR 1242.7000(b), insert the following clause:

Contractor Testimony (OCT 1994)

All requests for the testimony of the Contractor or its employees, and any intention to testify as an expert witness relating to: (a) Any work required by, and/or performed under, this contract; or (b) any information provided by any party to assist the Contractor in the performance of this contract, shall be immediately reported to the Contracting Officer. Neither the Contractor nor its employees shall testify on a matter related to work performed or information provided under this contract, either voluntarily or pursuant to a request, in any judicial or administrative proceeding unless approved, in advance, by the Contracting Officer or required by a judge in a final court order.

(End of clause)

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