48 CFR § 13.306 - SF 44, Purchase Order—Invoice—Voucher.

13.306 SF 44, Purchase Order—Invoice—Voucher.

The SF 44, Purchase Order—Invoice—Voucher, is a multipurpose pocket-size purchase order form designed primarily for on-the-spot, over-the-counter purchases of supplies and nonpersonal services while away from the purchasing office or at isolated activities. It also can be used as a receiving report, invoice, and public voucher.

(a) This form may be used if all of the following conditions are satisfied:

(1) The amount of the purchase is at or below the micro-purchase threshold, except for purchases made under unusual and compelling urgency or in support of contingency operations. Agencies may establish higher dollar limitations for specific activities or items;

(2) The supplies or services are immediately available;

(3) One delivery and one payment will be made; and

(4) Its use is determined to be more economical and efficient than use of other simplified acquisition procedures.

(b) General procedural instructions governing the form's use are printed on the form and on the inside front cover of each book of forms.

(c) Since there is, for all practical purposes, simultaneous placement of the order and delivery of the items, clauses are not required for purchases using this form.

(d) Agencies shall provide adequate safeguards regarding the control of forms and accounting for purchases.