48 CFR § 15.204-1 - Uniform contract format.

15.204-1 Uniform contract format.

(a) Contracting officers shall prepare solicitations and resulting contracts using the uniform contract format outlined in Table 15–1 of this subsection.

(b) Solicitations using the uniform contract format shall include Parts I, II, III, and IV (see 15.204–2 through 15.204–5). Upon award, contracting officers shall not physically include Part IV in the resulting contract, but shall retain it in the contract file. (See 4.1201(c).) The representations and certifications are incorporated by reference in the contract by using 52.204–19 (see 4.1202(b)) or for acquisitions of commercial products and commercial services see 52.212–4(v).

Table 15–1—Uniform Contract Format

Section Title
Part I—The Schedule
A Solicitation/contract form.
B Supplies or services and prices/costs.
C Description/specifications/statement of work.
D Packaging and marking.
E Inspection and acceptance.
F Deliveries or performance.
G Contract administration data.
H Special contract requirements.
Part II—Contract Clauses
I Contract clauses.
Part III—List of Documents, Exhibits, and Other Attachments
J List of attachments.
Part IV—Representations and Instructions
K Representations, certifications, and other statements of offerors or respondents.
L Instructions, conditions, and notices to offerors or respondents.
M Evaluation factors for award.
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