48 CFR 1845.7102 - Instructions for preparing DD Form 1419.

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1845.7102 Instructions for preparing DD Form 1419.
(a) The contractor shall enter the essential information covering Sections I and II before submission of DD Form 1419, DOD Industrial Plant Equipment Requisition, to the Industrial Property Officer (IPO). The IPO shall review each submission for completeness and authenticity. Incomplete or invalid requests shall be returned for correction.
(b) When a suitable item is allocated in Section IV, inspection of the equipment is recommended. Notification of acceptance or rejection of the item offered must reach NASA within 30 days after allocation. A copy of the DD Form 1419, or equivalent format, will serve as the clearance document to inspect the equipment at the storage site. Note acceptance or rejection of the item, without inspection or after inspection in Section VI. If the item is acceptable, execute Section VII. Cite the NASA appropriation symbol where applicable in Section VII.
(c) The IPO shall assign a requisition number to each DD Form 1419, or equivalent format request.
(d) Next will be a four-digit entry comprised of the last digit of the current calendar year and the Julian date of the year. For example, April 15, 1997, would be written as 7095 (April 15 being the 95th day of the year). The last entry will be a four-digit number from 0001 to 9999 to sequentially number requisition forms prepared on the same date. For example, the ninth requisition prepared on April 15, 1997, would be 7095-0009, preceded by the FEDSTRIP/MILSTRIP Activity Address Code. When submitting subsequent DD Forms 1419, or equivalent format, related to the item requested, the IPO shall use the same requisition number and add the alpha code to the end of the requisition number to indicate a second or third action on the basic request. Alpha “A” would indicate a second request, “B” a third, etc. In this manner, all actions, correspondence, etc., relative to a given request can be identified at all levels of processing by the use of the requisition number.
(e) Detailed directions for completing the DD Form 1419 follow. The contractor may elect to provide the required data in an equivalent format, which complies with these directions.
Section I
Item Description. To ensure adequate screening, the item description must be complete. For single-purpose equipment or general-purpose equipment with special features, requests must contain detailed descriptive data as to size and capacities, setting forth special operating features or particular operations required to be performed by the item.
Block 1. Not applicable.
Block 2. Enter the manufacturer's name and Federal Supply Code for manufacturer (Cataloging Handbook H4-1) of the item requested.
Block 3. Enter the manufacturer's model style, or catalog number assigned to the equipment being requisitioned. Always use the model number, if available. The style number is the next preference. Enter “None” in this block if the model, style or catalog number is not known.
Block 4. Enter the first four digits of the National Stock Number, if known.
Block 5. Not applicable.
Block 6. Self-explanatory.
Block 7. Place an “X” in the applicable block to indicate whether you desire to physically inspect the item before acceptance.
Block 8. Self-explanatory.
Block 9. Enter the complete description of the item. Continue the description in Block 53 if additional space is needed.
Section II
Block 10. Enter the contractor's name, street address, city, state, and zip code from which the requisition is being initiated. The address should be the one to which inquiries of a technical nature will be referred. Specify the telephone number of an individual who will respond to inquiries concerning the request.
Block 11. Enter the contract number or document number authorizing acquisition of the items shown in Section I. This normally will be a facility contract number. Otherwise, it should be a purchase order or procurement request number.
Block 12. Self-explanatory.
Block 13. Not applicable.
Block 14. Disregard the “Military” block. Show the NASA contract number and program for which the item is to be used.
Block 15. Enter the specific function to be performed by the equipment. When applicable, enter the tolerances, capacities, specifications, etc., that the equipment must satisfy.
Block 16. Determine the date the item must be installed to meet production requirements. From this date deduct the estimated number of days required for installation. Enter the adjusted date in this block.
Block 17. Enter the date by which NASA must issue a Certificate of Nonavailability. Determine the date by subtracting the acquisition lead time and 30 days administrative lead time from the date shown in Block 16.
Block 18. Enter the Defense Priority and Allocations System (DPAS) rating assigned to the contract or anticipated purchase order, if applicable.
Block 19. Place an “X” in the appropriate box. If for replacement, identify the item being replaced and the reason for replacement.
Block 20. Place an “X” in the appropriate box. Show the appropriate symbol if the answer is “yes.”
Block 21. Not applicable.
Blocks 22 and 23. In addition to the official's title and signature, type the signing official's name, office symbol or name, and telephone number plus extension. The company representative who prepares and submits the requirement to the cognizant NASA certifying office should sign.
Block 24. Self-explanatory.
Block 25a. Not applicable.
Block 25b. Enter the name and address of the installation certifying the requirement.
Block 25c. This block is for signature of the property administrator or contracting officer at plant level.
Block 25d. Self-explanatory.
Block 25e. This block is for the signature of NASA installation official certifying the requirement.
Block 25f. Self-explanatory.
Section III
Blocks 26-29. Self-explanatory.
Section IV
Section V
Complete this section if equipment is unavailable.
Section VI
Blocks 44-47. The requesting official signing Section II, Block 23, shall complete Section VI and shall list reasons for non-acceptance in Section VIII, Remarks, or on a separate document attached to the DD Form 1419.
Section VII
Block 48. Enter the complete name, street address, city, state, and zip code of the contractor or installation to which the item is to be shipped. Indicate railhead and truck delivery points when other than the address named.
Blocks 49 and 50. Self-explanatory.
Blocks 51 a. and b. Ensure that NASA appropriation symbols are included with the work order number.
Block 51c. Enter the NASA appropriation symbol chargeable for any special work ordered (e.g., rebuild, repair, or accessory replacement).
Block 51d. Enter the NASA installation and office symbol for the organization that will make payment for transportation and packing, crating, and handling.
Block 52. Self-explanatory.
Section VIII
Block 53. This block can be used to expand or explain entries made in Blocks 1 through 52. When requisitioning equipment from excess listings, identify the issuing office, list number, date, control number, and item number assigned to the equipment. When requesting equipment from DOD inventories, refer to DOD instructions.
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