48 CFR § 19.810 - SBA appeals.

19.810 SBA appeals.

(a) The SBA Administrator may submit the following matters for determination to the agency head if the SBA and the contracting officer fail to agree on them:

(1) The decision not to make a particular acquisition available for award under the 8(a) Program.

(2) A contracting officer's decision to reject a specific 8(a) participant for award of an 8(a) contract after SBA's acceptance of the requirement for the 8(a) program.

(3) The terms and conditions of a proposed 8(a) contract, including the contracting officer's NAICS code designation and estimate of the fair market price.

(4) A contracting officer's decision that an acquisition previously procured under the 8(a) program is a new requirement not subject to the release requirements at 13 CFR 124.504(d)(1) (see 19.815(a) and (d)(1)).


(1) Notification by SBA of an intent to appeal to the agency head—

(i) Must be received by the contracting officer within 5 working days after SBA is formally notified of the contracting officer's decision; and

(ii) Must be provided to the contracting agency Director for the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization or, for the Director of the Office of Defense, the Director of the Office of Small Business Programs.

(2) SBA must send the written appeal to the agency head within 15 working days of SBA's notification of intent to appeal or the appeal may be considered withdrawn. Pending issuance of a decision by the agency head, the contracting officer shall suspend action on the acquisition. The contracting officer need not suspend action on the acquisition if the contracting officer makes a written determination that urgent and compelling circumstances that significantly affect the interests of the United States will not permit waiting for a decision.

(c) If the SBA appeal is denied, the decision of the agency head shall specify the reasons for the denial, including the reasons why the selected participant was determined incapable of performance, if appropriate. The decision shall be made a part of the contract file.

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