48 CFR § 2001.104-2 - Arrangement of the regulations.

2001.104-2 Arrangement of the regulations.

(a)General. Chapter 20 is divided into parts, subparts, sections, subsections, paragraphs, and further subdivisions as necessary.

(b)Numbering. The numbering system and part, subpart and section titles used in this Chapter conform with those used in the FAR as follows:

(1) Where Chapter 20 implements the FAR or supplements a parallel part, subpart, section, subsection, or paragraph of the FAR, that implementation or supplementation is numbered and captioned to the FAR part, subpart, section, or subsection being implemented or supplemented, except that the implementation or supplementation is preceded with a 20 or 200 so that there will always be four numbers to the left of the decimal. For example, NRC's implementation of FAR 1.104-1 is shown as 2001.104-1 and the NRC's implementation of FAR 24.1 is shown as 2024.1.

(2) When the NRC supplements material contained in the FAR, it is given a unique number containing the numerals “70” or higher. The rest of the number parallels the FAR part, subpart, section, subsection, or paragraph it is supplementing. For example, Section 170A of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, requires a more comprehensive organizational conflict of interest review for NRC than is contemplated by FAR 9.5. This supplementary material is identified as 2009.570.

(3) Where material in the FAR requires no implementation or supplementation, there is no corresponding numbering in the NRCAR. Therefore, there may be gaps in the NRCAR sequence of numbers where the FAR requires no further implementation.

(c)Citation. The NRCAR will be cited in accordance with Office of the Federal Register standards approved for the FAR. Thus, this section when referred to in the NRCAR is cited as 2001.104-2(c). When this section is referred to formally in official documents, such as legal briefs, it should be cited as “48 CFR 2001.104-2(c).” Any section of the NRCAR may be formally identified by the section number, e.g., “NRCAR 2001.104-2.” In the NRCAR, any reference to the FAR will be indicated by “FAR” followed by the section number, for example FAR 1-104.