48 CFR ยง 22.1203-4 - Method of job offer.

22.1203-4 Method of job offer.

A job offer made by a successor contractor must be a bona fide express offer of employment on the contract. Each bona fide express offer made to a qualified service employee on the predecessor contract must have a stated time limit of not less than 10 days for an employee response. Prior to the expiration of the 10-day period, the contractor is prohibited from offering employment on the contract to any other person, subject to the exceptions at 22.1203-5. Any question concerning an employee's qualifications shall be decided based upon the individual's education and employment history, with particular emphasis on the employee's experience on the predecessor contract, and a contractor may utilize employment screening processes only when such processes are provided for by the contracting agency, are conditions of the service contract, and are consistent with the Executive Order. An offer of employment will be presumed to be bona fide even if it is not for a position similar to the one the employee previously held, but is one for which the employee is qualified, and even if it is subject to different employment terms and conditions, including changes to pay or benefits. (See 29 CFR 9.12(b) for regulatory provisions addressing circumstances in which a bona fide offer of employment can occur.)