48 CFR § 22.1902 - Policy.

22.1902 Policy.

(a) Pursuant to Executive Order 14026, the minimum hourly wage rate required to be paid to workers performing on, or in connection with, contracts and sub contracts subject to this subpart is—

(1) At least $15.00 per hour beginning January 30, 2022; and

(2) Beginning January 1, 2023, and annually thereafter, an amount determined by the Secretary of Labor. The Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division (the Administrator) will notify the public of the new E.O. minimum wage rate at least 90 days before it is to take effect. (See 22.1904.)

(b) Relationship with other wage rates.

(1) Nothing in this subpart shall excuse noncompliance with any applicable Federal or State prevailing wage law or any applicable law or municipal ordinance or any applicable contract establishing a minimum wage higher than the E.O. minimum wage. However, wage increases under such other laws or municipal ordinances are not subject to price adjustment under this subpart.

(2) The E.O. minimum wage rate applies whenever it is higher than any applicable collective bargaining agreement(s) wage rate.

(c) Application to tipped workers. Policies and procedures in DOL regulations at 29 CFR 23.240(b) and 23.280 address the relationship between the E.O. minimum wage and wages of workers engaged in an occupation in which they customarily and regularly receive more than $30 a month in tips.

[79 FR 74550, Dec. 15, 2014, as amended at 87 FR 4122, Jan. 26, 2022]