48 CFR § 4.601 - Definitions.

4.601 Definitions.

As used in this subpart—

Contract action means any oral or written action that results in the purchase, rent, or lease of supplies or equipment, services, or construction using appropriated dollars over the micro-purchase threshold, or modifications to these actions regardless of dollar value. Contract action does not include grants, cooperative agreements, other transactions, real property leases, requisitions from Federal stock, training authorizations, or other non-FAR based transactions.

Contract action report (CAR) means contract action data required to be entered into the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).

Definitive contract means any contract that must be reported to FPDS other than an indefinite delivery vehicle. This definition is only for FPDS, and is not intended to apply to Part 16.

Entitlement program means a Federal program that guarantees a certain level of benefits to persons or other entities who meet requirements set by law, such as Social Security, farm price supports, or unemployment benefits.

Generic entity identifier means a number or other identifier assigned to a category of vendors and not specific to any individual or entity.

Indefinite delivery vehicle (IDV) means an indefinite delivery contract or agreement that has one or more of the following clauses:

(1) 52.216-18, Ordering.

(2) 52.216-19, Order Limitations.

(3) 52.216-20, Definite Quantity.

(4) 52.216-21, Requirements.

(5) 52.216-22, Indefinite Quantity.

(6) Any other clause allowing ordering.

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