48 CFR ยง 42.1106 - Reporting requirements.

42.1106 Reporting requirements.

(a) When information on contract performance status is needed, contracting officers may require contractors to submit production progress reports (see 42.1107(a)). Reporting requirements shall be limited to that information essential to Government needs and shall take maximum advantage of data output generated by contractor management systems.

(b) Contract administration offices shall review and verify the accuracy of contractor reports and advise the contracting officer of any required action. The accuracy of contractor-prepared reports shall be verified either by a program of continuous surveillance of the contractor's report-preparation system or by individual review of each report.

(c) The contract administration office may at any time initiate a report to advise the contracting officer (and the inventory manager, if one is designated in the contract) of any potential or actual delay in performance. This advice shall (1) be in writing, (2) be provided in sufficient time for the contracting officer to take necessary action, and (3) provide a definite recommendation, if action is appropriate.

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