48 CFR ยง 45.602-2 - Reutilization priorities.

45.602-2 Reutilization priorities.

Plant clearance officers shall initiate reutilization actions for all property not meeting the abandonment or destruction criteria of 45.603(b). Authorized methods, listed in descending order from highest to lowest priority, are -

(a) Reuse within the owning agency;

(b) Transfer of educationally useful equipment to schools and nonprofit organizations (see Executive Order 12999, Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity For All Children In The Next Century, April 17, 1996, and 15 U.S.C. 3710(i));

(c) Report to GSA for reuse within the Federal Government or donation as surplus property;

(d) Dispose of the following property in accordance with agency procedures without reporting to GSA:

(1) Property determined appropriate for abandonment or destruction (see Federal Management Regulation (FMR) 102-36.305, 41 CFR 102-36.305).

(2) Property furnished to nonappropriated fund activities (see FMR 102-36.165, 41 CFR 102-36.165).

(3) Foreign excess personal property (see FMR 102-36.380, 41 CFR 102-36.380).

(4) Scrap, except aircraft in scrap condition.

(5) Perishables, defined for the purposes of this section as any personal property subject to spoilage or decay.

(6) Trading stamps and bonus goods.

(7) Hazardous waste or toxic and hazardous materials.

(8) Controlled substances.

(9) Property dangerous to public health and safety.

(10) Classified items or property determined to be sensitive for reasons of national security; and

(e) Dispose of nuclear materials (see 45.603-3(b)(5)) in accordance with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, applicable state licenses, applicable Federal regulations, and agency regulations.

[77 FR 12943, Mar. 2, 2012]

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